Aris Kolokontes

In 2014 I took a traditional sculpting course with Aris Kolokontes! Aris is a really skilled traditional sculpter! Check out his work here:

Aris was a good teacher and I was amazed by how many cool and awesome tricks he had up his sleeve! I learned so many techniques and I was able to accomplish and learn so much during his course!
All credit too him for sharing his knowledge! It was cool to learn how to take a sculpt from nothing, all the way through casting and finished paint. I had a blast learning new sculpting techniques and also how to airbursh!

Fun story, there was some of the tools that we learned how to create that Aris had learned from an amazing veteran sculpter named Jamie Beswarick. I was fortunate to meet and get to know Jamie here in New Zealand. He works next door to me over at weta workshop and has been there for 20 years.. Fun how small this world can be sometimes!

Here's my process: